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Jul 15th '13

Anyone else play this? I am glued to this game... especially they way my day has been.

My day today:

6:15 Knock on the door we think DH has overslept but nope. Can the kids stay here she didn't come home last night and I can't get in touch with her.

9:30ish four kids in my house and now that they are all awake I am cooking breakfast when I get a text. Send the kids home DD can watch DS til I get home. I am not leaving two kids at home alone like that if something happens no one will know about it and the oldest is eleven.

12ish I am trying to find a ride home

1230pm Send the kids home so they can clean their room and straighten it. I am trying to find a ride home the girl that was going to give me a ride is being a b***h.

1. I should be 40 minutes.

Anyway it all boils down to everyone was lied to by this person who decided to leave yesterday and just not come home. Put her want to party ahead of her kids and doesn't give a shit.

But now my day is better I did have a few laughs at a friend. :)

Playing Forge of Empires, pretty good game. Like I said I'm hooked :)