Night weaning yo-landi. 2 kids; Kiss my ass, NY, United States 16426 posts
Jul 16th '13

How did you do it? If your baby was waking up multiple times to nurse and/or had to be nursed to sleep.

Also co-sleeping - should I cut it out at the same time, before, after, or it doesn't matter. I wouldn't mind co-sleeping if the kid would actually sleep.

Post and run. TIA.

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
Jul 16th '13

DH is integral in the process, he would rock and comfort her. If I can anywhere near she wouldn't settle without nursing. When she'd wake up in the middle of the night, we'd let her fuss a little and she'd usually go back to sleep on her own. It only took a few night to get her sleeping straight through, and a few more to get her to go to bed without nursing. We don't cosleep.

NopeNotGonnaDOIt 6 kids; Cuba 3000 posts
Jul 16th '13

I was able to night wean easier without co-sleeping. So if you really want to do it I would suggest getting them in their own bed first.
But basically when they woke you just go in there and don't nurse them. Comfort them any way possible, offer water, if they "wake up" then get up with them for a bit until they go back to bed with the same routine always... just don't give in to nursing. If they respond negatively to you refusing you can have your DH/SO go in and calm them. I didn't need help with my first, she was easy peezy and night weaned by 10 months or so, but with my ds I needed the help. He was more difficult because we had been co-sleeping and night nursing for sooo long, so he didn't night wean until a few weeks before he weaned completely at 28 months.

yo-landi. 2 kids; Kiss my ass, NY, United States 16426 posts
Jul 16th '13

I guess I should try moving him to his own bed and comforting him without laying down or nursing. It's going to be tough - he's 13 months old and has co-slept since birth.I don't have DH's help so hopefully I'll find a way to settle him down without giving in. He gets so worked up and it's hard to calm him down.