My Princess is ONE! MamaTay[Kennedi] 1 child; Greenville, Texas 3194 posts
16th Jul

No pictures. I wish I could, shes grown so much and is so big I can't stand it.
I'll post my birth story sometime soon but for now, I'll just say whats going on with her.
She has 2 teeth as of now, and has 2 coming in right now. So far, she's spent the day throwing tantrums, which she only started a week ago. She tried her first hot dog yesterday. She really enjoyed that. She army crawled until a month ago and now she crawls on her hands and knees. She stands up and walks along the furniture. And every once in awhile she will stand without holding on. She does head stands all the time, and she thinks its so funny. She waves one hand to say "Hi" and 2 hands to say "bye", we think that is pretty funny. Shes 21 lbs and I forget the inches. Her hair only goes into a mohawk. There is so much more, but all of you know what its like for your baby to turn one.
I'm so proud of my Baby Bear. She's made me a better person. And I am so happy to be her mom.
Aside from the tantrums that come with her age, she is such a good baby. Never throws fits if were out to dinner, or at the store. I was truly blessed.
Now, to convince SO that we need to TTC when she is close to potty training. Hopefully sometime in the next year! I can't wait to have more.
Being a mom is one thing I am damn good at. Thankyou for reading!

mommymassey 3 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 378 posts
17th Jul

Aw Happy birthday sweet girl, we share birthdays. July 16th is an awesome day

MamaTay[Kennedi] 1 child; Greenville, Texas 3194 posts
17th Jul

It was my great.grandmas birthday as well! Lol. I remember last year my mom was praying that I would have her on the 16th. I finally had at 10:19 pm. Cut it close lol

mommymassey 3 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 378 posts
17th Jul

I always loved having my birthday in the middle of summer. I have family with winter birthdays and they complained it was too cold to do anything