Early Pregnancy Question. MommyCassie 2 kids; West Virginia 88 posts
16th Jul '13

Hey All.
I have one child, whose 3. We just found out we are pregnant with baby number 2 on Friday. I had a question though, normally my period is spot on, you can set your watch by it. I always started on Sunday and went all week. However, my last period was June 15, I bled very little on Sunday, then it went away until Tuesday night and then I only went for 2 days. Not like my period at all. So my question is, could I be further along than just a few weeks? Could I have been pregnant around June 15th and thats why my period was so screwed up?? Also...we have an at home fetal doppler, (its the same type the drs, use), we THOUGHT we heard a heartbeat, however I know its super early. But I know what to look for and the difference between mine and a baby. (A dr. gave us a class on it last pregnancy, because my son had to be monitored.)