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status 17th Jul '13
Quoting JJ+Steven&David:" I have seen some take a little chalkboard and write 1 on it, turns out very cute. Something like this (did a google search) I am sure they have them at the dollar stores. "

awesome, just found out she does have a "1" and a cute lil rocking chair and she is bringing balloons. So all i have to bring is the chalk board and the cake.

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17th Jul '13
Quoting Mason & Carmen's Mommy:" O Yes they are super cute!! Your DD is stunning. Was she walking? for some reason I want my DD to be walking by the time she gets her pics done lol. Were did you get her party hat? Love it!"

Thank you! And yes she started walking at 9 months so she was a pro by then lol. And I got her hat at Party City for really cheap!