Fifths disease. [Gryffinwhore♥] Due March 3; 34 kids; Poulsbo, Washington 32871 posts
18th Jul '13

A couple of weeks ago, they kids' daycare sent home a handout on fifths disease. I didn't think too much of it.

Today, though, I noticed that Violet's cheeks were red and a little bumpy. I also checked out her belly and she's a little red and bumpy there, too. I googled what it looks like and now I'm paranoid that she's got fifths disease. lol.

Anywho, these pictures kind of suck because they're cell-phone pictures, but they're the best I've got.


I know it's not a huge deal, everything I've read says you just treat the symptoms. BUT, I also read that when you're pregnant and exposed, it poses a risk to the fetus. So, thoughts? Anyone's kid had this?

lynnsaymarie 1 child; 1 angel baby; Western, NY, United States 2783 posts
status 18th Jul '13

I'd call your OB and her pedi. The pics are hard to tell but better be safe than sorry.

Boobo&bugs Due September 24; 1 child; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7365 posts
18th Jul '13

Call your pedi!!!!! My daughter just had this. It looked like someone had slapped her cheeks. And she had a fever that would not break for 4 days before she got the rash. Once the rash appears they are supposedly no longer contagious. But fifths disease exposure poses a huge risk of miscarriage.

DJ, Nick & Emma's mommy Due August 20 (boy); 3 kids; Toledo, Ohio 2157 posts
18th Jul '13

I would take her to the dr asap and find out what it is, and then call your ob. On friday I called my DDs dr because her cheeks were really flush, and she started breaking out into a rash all over her body. Her dr office closes early on Fridays so he had me take her to the ER because he thought it could have been Fifths disease and he was concerned about her waiting to be seen. But in my DDs case it was not Fifths, but instead she had Scarlet Fever and strep and today at her check up they found a heart arrhythmia that could have been caused by the Scarlet it's better to be safe than sorry, and good luck!