I finally have a doctors appointment :) *Mary Moon* 1 child; New York 3601 posts
18th Jul '13

September 26th, is my appointment. My goals are: discuss nutrition, vitamins, get all my labs squared away, get some referrals (behavior health, demotologist for my scalp issues) and hopefully see some of my health questions answered so I can stop using BG for Q&A.
But I'm nervous as hell. I hate doctors. Going to the inpatient behavioral health unit and having 2 doctors and a nurse walk in your room at random and mutter to each other, take some notes, ask vague random questions...kind of upset me. I felt like a specimen. Just totally turned off to doctors. :(
Not to mention my dads health issues, I kind of have a negative association to doctors. My dad seldom gets good news from doctors.
Wish me luck. Long wait but I'm glad I'm going to bite the bullet and see a doctor. I saw a doctor once since I was 15, other than inpatient stays in mental health. This is kind of a big deal for me :)