Should i call my doctor for this or would it be a overreacti JazzyCat123 Dallas, Texas 41 posts
19th Jul '13

I am 37 weeks with hypertension problems. My niece and nephew are in town and one of them pooped all over the side of the toilet and on the floor. It was disgusting and smelt horrible. I threw up because my stomach could not handle it. I threw up pretty violently. Should i call my doctor? he said to call him if I threw up any but I think he meant related to my blood pressure. I have not felt good since is the main reason why I am wondering if I should.

Phallus Cranium cocksuck, LA, Sri Lanka 110012 posts
19th Jul '13

I think it's due to the mess you had to clean rather than the BP

Do you have a BP monitor at home to check?

{Beth} Love my babies.... 4 kids; Independence, KY, United States 1099 posts
19th Jul '13

I agree, if it was smell/sight induced, then you're probably ok. If you think it might be due to your BP, then go in. You can always go to a walgreens or walmart or something where they have a machine to check it, and if its elevated, then go in.