Nail biting Tiarras mommy & 1 Due December 24; 1 child; Amityville, New York 676 posts
20th Jul

My 2 yr old DD has been biting her nails for a month now , I notice she does it when she's nervous or excited , or just watching tv ...I see her fingers in her mouth and she will show me the little nails she bites off , I keep telling her no its not good but she says she has to bite her nails . So what do I do ? When do I take the extreme measures like finger guard ? Or sauce lol ....should I just leave it alone for now ? Wwyd or did do ?

Kass. Due November 30; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Ottawa, Ontario 11312 posts
20th Jul

My daughter had a bit of a nail biting stint when she was 3 I think and I just kept reminding her to keep her fingers out of her mouth. That if she wanted her nails shorter to come to me and we would use the nail clippers. It worked ... eventually lol