implantation bleeding? Platypus 1 child; Massachusetts 2619 posts
21st Jul '13

I ovulated on about the 15th. Today when I went to the b-room there was light pink spotting. Im due for my period on the 29th, so i know its not that... Could this be implantation bleeding?! :o . I know its not always a definite, but i measured my cervix position. Its so high up right now, that I cant even reach it..

Platypus 1 child; Massachusetts 2619 posts
22nd Jul '13


dudeitsjo {{Army STRONG}} Due June 3; 33 kids; Texas 1079 posts
22nd Jul '13

I'm due for my period the same day as you and had some (what I think is) implantation bleeding a day ago, I think :)

Baby dust for both of us!! If it's light pink, not much of it, and doesn't last very long then I'd say you have a good chance of it being implantation. Keep me updated!! It'd be super cool if we both got lucky this month!!