Budgeting Programs? Rachel♥sJon Due March 20; 49 kids; Iowa 1596 posts
22nd Jul '13

Ok, I don't even know what to call what I am looking for. But I need to start budgeting our finances better! Are there any like online programs or anything you used to get your family on a good budget? Or do any of you ladies have good tips on getting started? DH and I waste SO much freaking money every month, and I just really want to nip that in the butt, and start saving. We have no problem paying all of our bills and everything, but we do not regularly put money into savings. And when we do put money in savings, we usually yank it right back out in tight times! So budgeting experts, I need your advice!! :)

Garfield636 TTC since Apr 2013; 16 kids; Utica, Michigan 608 posts
22nd Jul '13

There is plenty apps available. Just type in "budget" in the app store. I used to have one but can't remember what it was called.

user banned Due April 2; Georgia 7200 posts
22nd Jul '13

I had a few apps, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. Our new "budget" system is a piece of paper & pencil. I look constantly for budgeting stuff, but can never find one I love. We try to save at least 200 bucks a month, but it's usually 400-500. We put it in first thing when DH deposits his check.

Colt's mommy 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 25874 posts
status 22nd Jul '13

I have $250 direct deposited from my paycheck every two weeks in to our savings and $50 of it directly in to LO's savings. I made a spreadsheet with excel of our monthly bills showing about how much each one is and when it's due. Some vary on the season like gas/electric, some stay the same like car/mortgage/internet/etc. I pay bills twice a month and enter it all onto the spreadsheet, along with the confirmation numbers since I pay everything online. I don't really have a budget for our everyday/week spending though and I think that's really what you're getting at.