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user banned Due September 18; 1 child; California 21617 posts
22nd Jul
Quoting ᗩlex ♥[+2]:" Chesneigh. just born and now at 3 years old :) "

She is so cute!

Ah oh spaghetti O 2 kids; ................................., CA, United States 1750 posts
22nd Jul


Pregnancy Addiction Due August 10; TTC since Mar 2013; 7 kids; Wyoming 12152 posts
22nd Jul

Tanner Laroy
1 day old

nearly 20 months old


BastiansMommy 1 child; Shelton, Washington 2428 posts
23rd Jul

we only had a phone to take pictures with :(
about 2 days old
7 months

M walls 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7267 posts
23rd Jul

1 day old

Now 12, months old


♥Simply Whitney♥ TTC since Dec 2012; 1 child; Australia 932 posts
23rd Jul

Tavin Lorenz

Then... Just a few hours old
<a href=2011-11-20161914_zpsf5c710ce.jpg

And now... 20 months!
<a href=DSC_0484_zpsef357b60.jpg

ᗩlex ♥[+2] 2 kids; South Carolina 1306 posts
23rd Jul
Quoting Mama♥Sweetpea[31]:" She is so cute!"

Thank you :) Harlow is too. She has gotten so big .

Mason & Carmen's Mommy 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 2709 posts
23rd Jul

Carmen Jade <3
11 months

KateMichelle 1 child; Michigan 109 posts
23rd Jul


15 months

♥MamaToSilas♥ 1 child; Illinois 9278 posts
status 23rd Jul

Silas Nicholas

Few hours old

Now Almost 1(On the 27th!)

Donna Marie & Mommy 1 child; San Diego, California 338 posts
23rd Jul

This is Donna Marie when she was born
And, this is Donna Marie now, at 5 months old

adkjishaiu 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, California 42905 posts
23rd Jul

Aaliyah brand new babyme.jpg
and now, 5 almost 6 yrs old!DSC_1853websize_zpsc6ec686d.jpg

user banned Due September 18; 1 child; California 21617 posts
23rd Jul

<blockquote><b>Quoting ᗩlex ♥[+2]:</b>" Thank you :) Harlow is too. She has gotten so big ."</blockquote>

Thank you :) and I know, she's so big. It makes me sad :( lol

☆ Erica 1 child; Flat Rock, Michigan 1439 posts
26th Jul

Bumping! lhkhjkh

☆ Erica 1 child; Flat Rock, Michigan 1439 posts
27th Jul

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