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Which name sounds better in front of "Connor Riddick"? Hazel_Karl_+2 Due January 3; 1 child; Wasilla, Alaska 7 posts
22nd Jul '13

We have picked Connor Riddick, we are just trying to decide which should go in front! Please, no opinions on the names, just vote for which one you think sounds better in front of Connor Riddick! Thanks In Advance!!! :P

*Mary Moon* 1 child; New York 3601 posts
22nd Jul '13

I know you said no opinions but I just have to say ronan rolls right off the tongue with Connor Riddick. That's actually a really fluid combo! Like it a lot. :)

Black Cat 1 child; Marvel, PA, United States 3802 posts
22nd Jul '13

Like Ronan.

If you use Tristan, please please please don't spell it with those y's.

Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
22nd Jul '13

Tristan is spelled that way.

tinana+2 TTC since Nov 2013; 2 kids; Staten Island, NY, United States 29606 posts
status 22nd Jul '13

Ronan for sure! :)

Boobo&bugs Due September 24; 1 child; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7384 posts
22nd Jul '13

My nephew is Ronan so I'm a little biased lol.

Turtley Mikey Due October 31; 2 kids; California 50611 posts
22nd Jul '13

Ronan Connor Riddick for sure!

Landon & Harper*30 weeks* Due November 7 (girl); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Illinois 1195 posts
status 22nd Jul '13

Ronan has my vote.