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    • Elijah Aston -- Votes: 27
    • Phoenix Aston -- Votes: 5
Its up to you now! Lame!! United Kingdom 123 posts
23rd Jul

We've narrowed it down to 2 names SO has agreed to call the baby Elijah as long as the name gets more votes than Phoenix
Its up to all you BG mamas to decide what we'll call our baby

speaktruth2powr 2 kids; Ontario 44987 posts
status 23rd Jul

Phoenix sucks.

Nomo 4 kids; Mueang Phuket, Thailand 30487 posts
23rd Jul

Elijah! ...........

tinana+2 TTC since Nov 2013; 2 kids; Armpit, of, Ireland 29526 posts
23rd Jul

Elijah, without question!

GONE!!!!!!!!!!! Colchester, United Kingdom 118 posts
23rd Jul

Elijah I don't like Phoenix