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23rd Jul '13

A close friend sent m this , has anyone experienced something similar?

Well my calculations had me at 7 weeks yesterday but I went into doc because I started bleeding on Saturday. First it was brown then it turned red and got heavier about like a period. The doc did an ultrasound and it showed I was only 5w,1d and she did see a sac with some "fetal tissue" but couldn't make anything of it because it was too small. Since I was still bleeding she took blood to test my hormone levels and going back tomorrow to check again. Then I go back next thurs for another ultrasound. It just really freaks me out because I didnt have this with my other 2...but she did say my cervix is closed yesterday so that's good news but still bleeding today and worrying that it may be a m/c because I'm not experiencing the pregnancy symptoms like I was before all this mess! Ugh so stressed!!

Colt's mommy 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 21469 posts
status 23rd Jul '13

I don't know, but I bled a lot off and on in early pregnancy. I didn't even know I was pregnant. I had stopped bleeding for maybe 1.5 to 2 weeks, got a pos preg test, got ultrasound and found out I was 10 weeks along. I swore I was having a misscarriage, but OB said the bleeding was probably due to stopping the birth control pill (I was probably 4 weeks along when I stopped taking it for reasons not related to pregnancy). Good luck to her!

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23rd Jul '13

No one can really tell her except a doctor, tell her to try to relax and wait until things are confirmed. Also if it helps u can ease her mind by reassuring her that every pregnancy is different. GL to her though.