Where's Isaac? :( Belle De Jour Due October 8 (boy); 2 kids; Kentucky 19284 posts
25th Jul '13

We were just trying to explain to Reilly that all her clothes that are to small are going to go to some other babies that need clothes.
So at first she says "they go to Lala (Lila, her little sister), and then she says it... "they go to Isaac? Where's Isaac?" :cry:
I hate that question. I hate trying to explain that he is gone. And I hate having to repeat it. Especially since she doesn't understand.
I know she doesn't understand and I know she is just curios but it just makes my heart stop. :(
Every time she asks me this I freeze up and SO has to tell her for me.
I just wish we could have him back :(

_______Nope_________ 23772 posts
25th Jul '13

*hugs* I'm sorry hun.

Rain (aka Mama) 3 kids; Monroe, Georgia 6487 posts
25th Jul '13

<3 <3 <3

I'm sorry.

Mama Van D Due November 3; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Unity, Maine 2454 posts
25th Jul '13

I'm so sorry hun :(

user banned 1 child; Portland, Maine 20613 posts
25th Jul '13

*hugs* love you lady <3

user banned 3 kids; Texas 26201 posts
25th Jul '13

<3 Sorry love.. :( *hugs*