How long did you know befor you gave birth? Cherrytodd Due March 18; Virginia 3 posts
27th Jul

Ok ladies I'm new to this so first hi!! Alittle back ground, me and my husband have been ttc for 2 years ( mixed with a deployment and a gastric bypass surgery). Well we recently found out were expecting our miracle. When we went in for our ultra sound the tech freaked out and stopped and starting asking all these questions about my uterus and got all worked up and left the room and went into the hall and was talking in fast hushed tones. Needless to say I started having a panic attack. She came back and started again and said the baby was fine and started showing us the screen but wouldn't tell me about my uterus. We got to see the baby and the heart beat but she wouldn't let us listen to it idk why. We aren't as far along as my dr had thought so that was Alittle bit of a let down. So now comes the tricky part 3 hrs later I came back to see my dr only to find out I have a septate or biocornuate uterus, and there is no way ill be able to carry to term but she said the baby looks healthy and fine!! They think I should be able to carry the baby long enough for it to live, She's going to send me to a specialist to see how bad it is and as I progress well know more about how long I'll be able to carry. Has any one known from the very beginning that your going to have an early baby?? How did you handle it? Or does anyone else have this uterus problem?? I feel like I need to have everything done months befor the supposed due date, and like the family needs to be prepared the baby will be here early?? Thank you all!!

Nicola. (Expecting #2) Due May 23; 1 child; Huntsville, AL, United States 4503 posts
27th Jul

I haven't been through that, luckily.

So I really have no advice, but I just wanted to wish you good luck with your baby! Hopefully you will be able to carry for a long time. As far as getting everything together, I would be a mess. lol But try not to stress about it. Take time to relax as much as possible. :)

Cherrytodd Due March 18; Virginia 3 posts
27th Jul

Thanks ;) DH is trying his best to keep me relaxed ill be 25 weeks the end of November begging of December so we've decided to try to have everything ready by Christmas that is necessary and this year we won't travel. We've given up the birthing center and are staying with our dr who will deliver us at a hospital with a level 3 NICU I'm just trying to get my hands on as much info as possible. We haven't even told the family yet that's next weekends adventure!!