After Running out of Milk, Can I get it again ever? GHOST 1 child; Pens, FL, United States 118 posts
28th Jul '13

I'm just wondering. I had great supply for a week and then ran out. Completely. I am now 3 months and 7 days PP, and I'm wondering, if I try to get my son to nurse again, will my body notice even if I have no milk and start producing again??

vagina. 3 kids; Titz, No, Germany 30934 posts
28th Jul '13

Yes you can. Its called relactating.

I've never done it...but I'm sure has some resources on the subject.

Momma Fergie Due August 10; Mississippi 289 posts
28th Jul '13

I've never tried it, but I believe it can be done. I agree with the other post which refers you to they are a great resource.

Also, you could call L&D and ask to speak to the lactation nurse or consultant. They should have more info. Good luck!

k♥[j&a] ., ., United States 1060 posts
28th Jul '13

Pump & put your baby on the breast as much as possible, even if there's no milk there yet. The more you do this the more it will tell your body to make milk. Taking the herb fenugreek can help too. Also, Domperidone will help but it's kinda expensive but totally worth it. Good luck!

GHOST 1 child; Pens, FL, United States 118 posts
28th Jul '13

Great to hear :) I kinda miss it. It was ridiculously uncomfortable but I miss the bonding experience :) Thanks everyone.