Help me read my BBT chart? Kairi's Mama! (TTC #2) TTC since May 2012; 1 child; 1 angel baby; California 712 posts
28th Jul '13

I just started charting my BBT this cycle but have been TTC for about 14 months now. Never thought BBT would do me any good but desperate times! Could anyone help me read my BBT? I know that the two highest temps on there were hot days so I think that's why those two were way off from the rest. DH kept turning off the AC while I was sleeping! I'm going to try and post screen shot here. I'm doing it off my phone so let me know if it isn't showing. I ovulate on time around 14-16 days. As of today I'm on cycle day 17. But my cycle is irregular, can range from 28 days to 42. Last AF was July 12th. Don't mind the other stuff like cervical mucus I chart those in a different app.i know how to read my cervical mucus but lately all the BD I don't know what's what!