Miscarriages after Mirena? Squid Kid Due July 2; 1 child; 5 angel babies; Tennessee 27642 posts
28th Jul

How many of you had miscarriages after Mirena? How long did you have it in? Did you carry a full term pregnancy afterward?

I only had it in for 3 months, but I've had 5 miscarriages since. I'm reading so many horror stories of how Mirena has left women infertile :(

*And baby makes 4!* Due May 4; 1 child; Ohio 3772 posts
28th Jul

Watching. ..I'm scared too just had mirena removed July 2...

B★B's Mama TTC since Jul 2013; 2 kids; Waco, Tx, United States 11456 posts
status 28th Jul

Watching... I also had Mirena removed July 2.

user banned Due January 20; 33 kids; North Carolina 14662 posts
28th Jul

Had it in for 2 years. 2 miscarriages within 6 months of having it removed. I'm now 14 weeks. We waited 6 months from the last loss to 'try' again. Mainly bc DH was deployed

Carter&Violet♥ She Gone! 2 kids; Virginia 14177 posts
28th Jul

I carried Violet full term after having the mirena, didn't experience a miscarriage though. Sorry for your loss!

Pertelote 1 child; London, Ontario 18 posts
29th Jul

I had the Mirena in for 5 years and I had 2 miscarriages after it fell out. After I had that horrible thing out of my system for a while, I got pregnant and carried her to term! :D

Never again, Mirena. Never again.