*Brittnee* 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Utah 6781 posts
status 29th Jul '13

I was born with jet black hair by three months it was bleach blonde. lol

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12303 posts
29th Jul '13

DS had brown hair, didn't have much but it was kind of dark. He has blonde/red hair now.

Brianna Hebert 34 kids; Alberta 165 posts
29th Jul '13

both my kids, both my sisters kids and one of my sisterinlaws kids had very dark hair when they were born but it lightened as they got older

[Gryffinwhore♥] 3 kids; Poulsbo, Washington 37314 posts
status 29th Jul '13
Quoting Killingℬird |32w|:" <blockquote><b>Quoting [Gryffinwhore♥]:</b>" Yup. My oldest was born with dark ... [snip!] ... turned a light brown. She gets wicked highlights in the summer. "</blockquote> She has such a pretty little smile."

Thank you. :)

Mom of 4 Little Boys! 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Hillsboro, Oregon 5476 posts
29th Jul '13

When I was born, I had a full head of thick black hair and dark skin(I have a lot of Cherokee in my blood) but now I have dark blonde hair and extremely fair skin. Although at 7 my oldest's hair is dark again, he did the same thing.

dudeitsjo {{Army STRONG}} TTC since Jan 2015; 2 kids; Texas 1100 posts
29th Jul '13
Quoting ✌Nikki☀:" have a baby and their hair color changed as they got older? Just wondering how normal it is!=) Not even ... [snip!] ... black hair so people see us and are like.. oh where'd she get that blond hair from haha Pointless post, was just wondering=)"

my daughter did the same exact thing and both my husband and I have dark hair.

✌Nikki☀ Due November 6 (boy); 1 child; Illinois 2243 posts
status 30th Jul '13

That's so interesting! I've only ever seen it happen with one other baby and that's my youngest nephew, Liam.

Here he is as a baby:
And now:

Faye's Mama 1 child; Springfield, MO, United States 4569 posts
30th Jul '13

I was born with black hair that turned blonde and then now I have brown.

~*Courtney *~ 2 kids; Texas 715 posts
30th Jul '13

Yes! My son was born with dark dark brown hair (almost black) and it got lighter and he was actually blonde for a little while when by the time he was 2. Now he is 5 and he has medium brown hair.