mixing powdered & concentrated formulas I♥RYLEIGH Due November 1; 1 child; 4 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10478 posts
30th Jul '13

Im transitioning DD from similac advance to the parents choice brand w/ omega 3&6. I want to mix half & half for a few days. I only have powdered similac and concentrated PC.

Can i mix them? Ive never used powdered formula so not sure. Any advice on transitioning? She does fine on the similac but...... 50$ a week compared to 27$ is a huge difference!


GAH!! 2 kids; Texas 441 posts
30th Jul '13

my daughter switches seamlessly between similac advance powder and parent's choice powder

when my son was very young, a couple of months the concentrate would turn his poop black and it seemed like it messed with his tummy when the powder was fine for him, so I'm not sure