Confused, worried !!? angie1231 1 angel baby; Houston, Texas 12 posts
1st Aug

My period was due 07/12 and never came. About two days ago I started bleeding but it's not as heavy as my normal period. I also have breast tenderness, nausea, and slight cramping. I took a test before my period and it was negative, took another one a couple days after period was due and was still negative. Am I pregnant? What do I do?

Red Bottom 2 kids; Middelfart, Denmark 15210 posts
1st Aug

Your pregnancy test and bleeding point to no....

♥ laura-marie + 1 1 child; Stalybridge, United Kingdom 1334 posts
1st Aug

the test says no so probably not...

Tara plus 2.5:) Due October 10; 34 kids; Missouri 2770 posts
1st Aug

Period+Neg test=NOT PREGNANT!

What more proof do you need?

Minion Due September 30; 2 kids; Toccoa, GA, United States 19992 posts
1st Aug

<blockquote><b>Quoting Tara plus 2.5:):</b>" Period+Neg test=NOT PREGNANT! What more proof do you need?"</blockquote>

It's not common at all, but my friend bled all trough her pregnancy with her oldest and her pregnancy tests didnt show positive until 3 or so months into it.

Butttt more than likely OP isn't pregnant.