he's here!!!! merlo +3 3 kids; Campton Hills, Illinois 1242 posts
1st Aug

long story short, sunday morning was having BH. By 8-9pm I was counting my contractions, every 2 minutes lasting 1-2 minutes. we were at the hospital at 930, i was brought in and sectioned and baby took his first breath at 1140 pm :)
--being monitored, note teh contractions. (line on bottom)
02_zpsf312dc06.jpg05_zps286bce5e.jpg" />534878_10201756157688714_1699120705_n_zp" />
01_zpsea27683e.jpghe was 36 weeks 1 day gestation

NOAH ANTHONY ORLANZZINO * 7/28/13 * 11:40pm
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Kbyers91 1 child; Albany, Ohio 164 posts
1st Aug

He is so adorable :)

Lilitha mom to 2 TTC since Jan 2014; 1 child; 2 angel babies; United Kingdom 348 posts
1st Aug

congratulations :) hes gorgeous x

PT+3♀(:15wks:) Due October 7; TTC since Jan 2014; 3 kids; 6 angel babies; Melbourne, VI, Australia 222 posts
1st Aug

He is beautiful ! Congrats !!!
also I love his name, it suits him well :)

Barnett Babies Due February 22; 10 kids; Indiana 1770 posts
1st Aug

He is precious and you look amazing, so beautiful in all the pictures, I have had 2 sections..NO Fun!! Enjoy your new baby!

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2nd Aug

Congratulations! He's so squishy.

lamr - 02-08-13-21 2 kids; Crazytown, ON, Canada 5922 posts
status 2nd Aug

Aww! Congrats Hun! He's perfect!

AF123 3 kids; Georgia 361 posts
2nd Aug

That is one gorgeous baby! Congrats!