Trayvoning :( Mama Rice 34 kids; North Las Vegas, Nevada 11980 posts
Aug 2nd '13

This picture is fucked up......his poor family has to be exposed to this garbage.

vagina. 3 kids; Titz, No, Germany 30934 posts
Aug 2nd '13

:? :? :? Why would someone do that?!

Tardar Sauce 2 kids; Gardiner, MT, United States 65 posts
Aug 2nd '13

Something is wrong with the world.

Mama Rice 34 kids; North Las Vegas, Nevada 11980 posts
Aug 2nd '13
Quoting i made a vagina.:" :? :? :? Why would someone do that?!"

I read on the comments that it was old but it is the first time I have seen it.

Oncemore Suq Madiq, SH, Turkey 1899 posts
Aug 2nd '13

I saw a few pics, and all I have to say is..I'm heartbroken. Completely f**king desensitized.

Redneck Mamma North Carolina 8755 posts
Aug 2nd '13

Is this supposed to be a joke? I find it offensive really and the fact that this whole issue has sparked major race debates and this kid is white probably pissed a lot of people off. It's like he is making a mockery of a childs murder, same goes for anyone who does this stupid shit.

Gold 3 kids; Stuffed with a, ., Turkey 66468 posts
status Aug 2nd '13

That's really stupid.

jo-jo 2 kids; ..., SA, Australia 2335 posts
Aug 2nd '13

That's sick!

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
Aug 3rd '13

Okay, I don't use physical discipline, but I think if I saw my kid in a pic like that I'd kick his ass & change my pacifistic policy.

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
Aug 3rd '13

Some people have no class.