36 weeker?! Aracely+3! 💜 3 kids; California 705 posts
4th Aug

I am at L&D with contractions less than a minute apart & doctor's have not been able to stop them. My hospital also does not stop labor after 35 weeks. Im nervous to deliver him now. My bby is not done baking. im 0 dilated but made a 25% effacement progress.

How have your 35-36 week bbys done mommas? Im so nervous & scare. I don't know what to expect.

♥Mama Constantine 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Texas 5798 posts
4th Aug
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user banned 3 kids; Portland, Michigan 15675 posts
4th Aug

Since you're not dilated, are they keeping you? I'm sure your baby will be fine. My sister had a 36 weeker and she was like a little less than 5 pounds and didn't need any special care. Good luck.

Miss Brittany 1 child; Here, PA, United States 3747 posts
4th Aug

My son was born at 36 weeks. He was perfectly healthy and able to come home with me. He did not need any NICU time.

Good luck!

♥garrett&adalyn 2 kids; Texas 10762 posts
4th Aug

My friend had her son at 36 weeks a couple of months ago.. he actually weighed over 6lbs and didn't have to stay in the NICU or anything. Just keep thinking positive!

Hy'ska 2 kids; Washington 50677 posts
4th Aug

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tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
4th Aug

I have had two healthy 36 weekers. 6lb 1oz and 5lb 3 oz. Neither required nicu time.

Good luck mama. Hope those contractions calm down.

Aracely+3! 💜 3 kids; California 705 posts
4th Aug

Thanks ladies, so far they have not said if i will be admitted. Im having a repeat csection anyway. Right now they are just having me drink tons and tons of water which is not doing anything.

tonys_mama(army wife) 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Fort Irwin, California 15523 posts
4th Aug

I had a 35 weeker that was 5lbs 13oz and perfectly healthy. Good luck!!

Nicola. (Expecting #2) Due May 23; 1 child; Huntsville, AL, United States 4628 posts
4th Aug

I was induced at 36 weeks due to pre-e. He ended up being born via C-section. He was only 36 weeks but was 8.6lbs! lol Big boy. He was in the NICU for a week because his lings weren't ready.

He just turned one, is 27lbs, and is on track with all milestones. He is walking, talking, and very healthy! Good luck, I am sure baby is just fine!

3&Me 3 kids; Australia 966 posts
4th Aug

My oldest was born 36 weeks. He was fine, breastfed after birth but had formula over night for low blood sugar and did end up with bad jaundice but other than that he had no isssues.

BunnyGirl19 Due December 13; 3 kids; 10 angel babies; Oregon 16070 posts
5th Aug

My first was born at 35w5d and didn't need NICU. My youngest is inthe NICU right now, 35w2d, due to primarily a feeding issue. She's "too tired" right now and has not woken up much at all, just eating through nasal gavage right now.