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Aug 5th '13

Silly & irresponsible to spend money you don't have on crap you don't need & that will likely be broken/lost/forgotten in short order.

Do you know what a child appreciates farm ore than a ton of miscellaneous toys & crap? A college fund, a stable home where there is a t least a little saving s so if something goes wrong, no one goes without, etc, etc. There are far better things to do with your money than throw it at garbage.

I *can* afford to give my kids absolutely everything they ask for (well technically not, my 6 yr old wants a jet pack, but even so, I still wouldn't buy one even if I could) BUT I'd never do that for them or TO them. All getting mroe shit does to you is make you want more shit. You enver reach the pinnacle of shit you own & say "whew, glad I got all that! Now I am done." Nope, you move on to more shit you want. Pointless really. I help my kids learn the difference between real wants & flight of fancy wants, between things you want enough to work for them & things you want IF they are free. NOTHING material that you want ONLY if it is free/easy is really worth having. And if you are paying, to your kids it IS free.

So even though my oldest is only 6, we already have a policy that he has to put some "skin in" if he wants an item, meaning, he has to earn the money to pay for whatever portion we deem will be more on things that are truly frivolous (like a trampoline) & less on things I think are more standard (like a bike).