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Aug 5th '13
Quoting Hy'ska:" <blockquote><b>Quoting ⚓ Sarah ⚓:</b>" Deleted OP, changed screen name..."</blockquote> This is sewious"

Wonder Pets Wonder Pets, we're on our way.

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Aug 5th '13
Quoting CrystalLight:" i hope so but why wont he tell her i dont get it"

Probably just doesn't want any un-necessary drama, and he probably realizes that it's better to just let it ride. He is choosing his battles wisely.

I do totally understand where you're coming from..I know how ex's can be when there are kids involved, and my best advice to you is just to not let it bother you, and especially don't let her know that it bothers you.

And like someone else said at least she's not sending him naked pics of herself saying she still loves him.. that's the kind of crap I had to put up with at first. DH did put a stop to that, but when it came to pix of the kids and her throwing a pity party for herself in front of his family, he just blew it off like your DH does... I was like you, I always wanted him to tell her off, but now I realize why he just let it go so many times, and it really did work out for the best. Good luck to you <3

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Aug 5th '13

You obviously shouldn't have gotten involved with so done who was previously married with a child from that previous marriage. I feel bad for your husband, his child, and the mother of that child.

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Aug 5th '13
Quoting iLL-Legal Unicorn Alien:" That's standard behavior when BG doesn't agree with you... you must have missed the memo."

I'm new here. Dont be such a bia