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Aug 9th '13
Quoting she nan igans:" Yes, that's what I figured. I guess I missed why it mattered how big it was. As in, I wasn't sure what I said that had to do with the size of the city? "

because it's population is under 3000. the size DOES matter. when there's n explosion that big, you need as much help as possible. and i'm sure that's exactly what was going through these two mens' heads.

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Aug 9th '13
Quoting Just Ames:" I asked if you knew the size of West, Texas because you said this could be reason to investigate further ... [snip!] ... were not getting paid for this service. They did it out of the kindness of their hearts and that should be what's talked about."

ANd I 100% agree taht these men were heroes. That's why I said, I do not AT ALL feel this was a case of drunks doing bad things, or people not caring. These were men who likely had had the drinks prior to realizing there was an issue, then when a catastrophe DID happen, they rushed to the front lines to help, and ended up giving their lives for it. These were great men. I don't feel that knowing they'd had drinks beforehand or smoked pot diminishes that AT ALL, and for anyone who would feel it tarnishes them at all, that is sad.

I guess my point was only that the fact that there are volunteer firefighters who are under the influence is an issue. It didn't create problems here, and what happened was as travesty, but it still is a danger. It's like, a Dr who operates on a patient while under the influence may save the patients life, but the risk was still there. It's still something that, policy wise, needs to be addressed. If this were not the case as it happened, if volunteer firefighters under the influence went to a house fire and because of being under the influence made mistakes that cost people their lives, that's my point. That it *IS* a concern.

In this case? No. These men did all they could, and have all they had, to save people. They were great men, no doubt about it.

However if this is common place, it's an issue. It may not be common place. This was such a big event, that perhaps under normal circumstances this isn't ever an issue, in which case, I'd agree. Running the story would have been completely unneeded. I can't say if it happens regularly, or if it just happened this time because of the magnitude of the fire, you know?

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Aug 9th '13
Quoting Ravey Candyass:" because it's population is under 3000. the size DOES matter. when there's n explosion that big, you ... [snip!] ... that big, you need as much help as possible. and i'm sure that's exactly what was going through these two mens' heads."

You seem to be missing my point.

I've said many times, I have NOTHING against these men. Nothing at all. I repeat that they were great men who gave everything they had to protect people.

Believing that, if this happens a lot, that the policy needs to be reevaluated doesn't diminish my feelings that these men did all they could to help, that they did everything they did for the good of other people.

They shouldn't be drug through the mud at all. No one should feel less for them because of this, it doesn't change their aid or sacrifice at all.

And I can understand the idea that, in such a small town, people might have responded here that wouldn't have normally responded in less of a crisis (meaning that this isnt' something that happens often, volunteer firefighters being under the influence). If that's the case, then I agree, the story wasn't needed. If it's an ongoing problem, something that is being seen a lot, then I can see the use in such a story. Not to tarnish these mens memories at all, but rather alert peopel to the fact that this risk is happening and should be dealt with.

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Aug 9th '13
Quoting Spacetits:" That is all well and good, but they could have went about it without disclosing that specific information."

And you know what? You're right. It was unneeded details.

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Aug 9th '13
Quoting she nan igans:" I don't. I also missed the connection I guess, why the side of West TX mattered. I think the story ... [snip!] ... is very sad because no matter the autopsy reports I do think they were brave men who gave their lives trying to help people."

West, Texas is only a couple miles from me. It effected this whole area emotionally. I cried and mourned for everyone involved and yet, I'm not mad that the paper printed what they did...

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Aug 9th '13

I don't know how I feel about it. I feel bad that they disclosed the information like that. They could've just alerted the fire department that these two men had been drinking and still responded and they could've reevaluated policy or whatever. It might just be that they only responded because it was a huge inncedent and they needed everyone and had it not been so big they wouldn't have. I do think they are heros and not terrible people because of this. I mean, it's the news though. They dig things up and report it.