PPD only towards stepkids? Loretta West TTC#2 TTC since May 2013; 1 child; Auckland, New Zealand 4630 posts
11th Aug

Posting on behalf..

So my friend had her DD in October last year, her and her partners first child. SO had two other children from a previous relationship that his mother has full custody of. Before my friend had DD, she was always doing things for her stepkids, helping them, being loving towards them and having heaps of fun when they visit but as soon as she had DD it was almost like she resented them for being SO's kids to someone else, didnt want them to visit, had no time or patience for them at all and was actually a bit horrible to them almost like the "wicked stepmum". It wasn't an intentional thing though, it was almost like she couldn't help it. Since she, DD and SO have moved into their new place though she seems to be feeling better about the situation and is no longer resentful to her stepkids, and is starting to feel the love she felt for them before she had DD. So what we're wondering is, could PPD manifest only towards her stepkids rather than her biological daughter? or would it be something else? TIA :)

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11th Aug

Sounds like she wanted her kid to be the main focus

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12303 posts
11th Aug

I guess in a way it could, because PPD doesn't always manifest towards the baby, but it seems like other issues really. She may have had more of a "momma bear" mentality and just felt like she should be focusing on her new baby.

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1733 posts
11th Aug

Think its possible those could be signs of PPD but its more likely that she was just upset having to deal with the added stress of two children when she was trying to care for and enjoy time with her newborn. I'm sure she wanted all focus to be on her new baby since its her first and maybe she's subconsciously taking it out on the kids. (or consciously but you said it wasnt intentional so i will give her the benefit of the doubt)