Alicia14 Due November 30; 1 child; Ventura, CA, United States 796 posts
11th Aug

I have the same exact problem area! I think most of my problem is eating but working out has helped a little. I HATE it when it hangs over the sides of my pants too. My husband says the same things but it doesn't help the fact that I'm self conscious about it.

Gone 17 kids; Miami, FL, United States 15414 posts
14th Aug

This picture is ridiculously cheesy, but it's the only one I could find to describe the work out. I used to do a ton of ab exercises laying down and they were somewhat effective. However, I started using this at the gym and it made a huge difference. I do side exercises as well as lifting my legs straight out (which is the overall most effective for my stomach).


AbbieChrysler3312 32 kids; Ohio 1041 posts
14th Aug

you look great hun but side crunches and bicycles are what target the love handle area.

Natasha Stock 4 kids; Tooele, Utah 124 posts
15th Aug

Those muscles are your obliques I have the same problem I am currently going to the gym daily lifting weights and doing cardio. Just remember if you want to lose fat you need to know where to keep your heart rate or you will only be working your heart and not burning fat. I do different muscle sections everyday but I do core every day!!! Planks are awesome for core. Look up core and oblique exercises

Aaliyah California 3884 posts
16th Aug
Quoting ma ♥:" What's the best workout to get rid of these flabby sides? :oops: Everyone says belly fat is the hardest ... [snip!] ... idk if this would be considered "belly fat" lmao. This is how I look normally... & This is how I wish to look.. "

I'm no help. I just had to laugh because I do the exact same thing to my sides in the mirror. :oops: I'm like if I looked like this I'd be perfect!

HollyPolly TTC since Jan 2012; Japan 1 posts
23rd Oct

I'd recommend by yoga to help get rid of flab. The most important thing is to eat right and do some aerobic workouts a few times a week, too. The program that helped me learn to do yoga at home is on if you wanted to check it out.