Summer Sapp 1 child; Alachua, Florida 111 posts
12th Aug

She acts the same way at home. If she doesnt get what she wants she freaks completely out. There is no distracting her. She remembers things. And the whole out of site out of mind doesnt work with her. Redirectoin doesnt work with her. Shes very smart and comunicates very well. She says up to 30 or more words. Knows all of her body parts and tells me everything she wants and needs for the most part. She just doesnt like to listen. She purposly ignores me. I try talking to her all the time and explaining things to her but if its not what she wants to hear she just screams and trys to hit me when i get to eye level with her. I guess its just a fase. Its just a hard one bc ive been having to go to public places alot for college purposes and stuff and have noone to watvh her so i have to bring her and she wont even let me talk to anyone bc shes acting up extremely bad.