your 9 month old This ish is bananas TTC since Mar 2014; 1 child; Georgia 1774 posts
12th Aug

does your 9 month old say anything? Mine says five words (mama, dada, papa, hey, bye bye) just curious!

Kristin Greenroyd 1 child; 1 angel baby; California 96 posts
12th Aug

My dd is only 8 months but she says dada,mama,nana,night night,baba, and poop lol

♥MamaToSilas♥ 1 child; Illinois 9256 posts
status 12th Aug

Only words DS really knew at 9 months was Kitty and Yuck. He was too busy learning to walk. Now hes a 1 year old jabbermouth lol. He copies words and says them but doesnt really know the meanings.

raptor mommy saves 1 child; Berlin, Germany 698 posts
12th Aug

"Mamamammamaa" when he is hungry, sleep or sick. He's on the verge of walking though.

Belle. TTC #2 TTC since Oct 2013; 1 child; Alberta 3445 posts
12th Aug

Dad, dada, papa, mama, and bye and he is trying to learn how to say "Toby" but just says the t sound right now. (Toby is our cat)