cloth diapers Mama*Kayla* Due January 16; 2 kids; Ontario 339 posts
12th Aug '13

so I am starting to buy cloth diapers that way in a few months I will be ready to switch my son to them, I am however confused with some of them. I love the ones that have the snaps/buttons but I have no clue what they are called. also what are inserts? when the child goes to the bathroom do you just change the inserts or do you change the whole diaper, and what type of detergent do you use for them? TIA and sorry for all the questions :)

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12th Aug '13

Lots of diapers have snaps, it's usually either snaps or velcro. How you change the diaper depends on the diaper. An AIO is an all in one and you change them sort of like a disposable, when the baby goes to the bathroom you take off the whole diaper and put it in a wet pail (shake poop into the toilet if the baby pooped lol). Some diapers have inserts (like gDiapers) and you can re-use the cover as long as it isn't wet/soiled, but if it's wet or soiled it also needs to be washed. Prefolds you fold the diaper and put it on the baby and put a cover over it, some you'll need something to hold the diaper together (like Snappis) before putting the cover on. I use free and clear detergents and you use a little less detergent than you would for clothes to avoid soap build up, and bleach generally isn't good for diapers but I guess is okay occasionally for some cloth diapers.

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status 12th Aug '13

I really want to cloth diaper but i just have NO IDEA how to go about it, my DD is almost 9 months and using less diapers now anyway..the only reason i havent is the cost i'm afraid i'll spend 100 and hate them (altho 100 dollars isn't terrible when i think about disposable diapers for the next year plus)

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12th Aug '13

ive only cloth diaper my little girl. you can pm me any questions and ill help but to answer your questions here, snaps are the closure or how you make a one sized(os) diaper smaller. inserts go inside pocket diapers or flips (different kinds of diapers) this is the absorbent part. :) i use tide for my dipes. other people like other things