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    • never ever. i'd burn off their genitals first! -- Votes: 63
    • really? that's an option? -- Votes: 29
    • perhaps, i don't know yet - i don't have a teenager -- Votes: 84
    • i've already stocked condoms & plan b in their nightstand -- Votes: 19
    • sex is for bonobos & porn stars, of which my teenager is neither -- Votes: 6
Inc0gnitus 2 kids; Anchorage, Alaska 4325 posts
30th Aug
Quoting FroggysMommy:" I liked the alcohol my Mom let me try... I remember having beers and mixed drinks from a young age but ... [snip!] ... My Dad is an alcoholic too so I never went crazy because I know I am predisposed to it. Sorry about your brother though :("

I loved having alcoholic beverages lol. I never went down the road to addiction though, I guess I just got lucky and don't have an addictive personality? It's okay, he denies having issues with it, but we all know he does. I think he knows on some level because sometimes (as in once or twice a year) he will try to go for a week without alcohol and will tell everyone, like he's super proud of it. But then he gets right back to drinking 5-6 nights a week. He isn't a belligerent drunk by any means, right now he's in that grey area where he's a functional alcoholic. We all just hope he never gets to that point where he hits rock bottom even though it has caused him a lot of painful decisions.

Monica♥YASDYARDFR 17 kids; Beverly Hills, California 57063 posts
31st Aug

I have seen people who allowed this and their teen still ended up pregnant. I don't think opening up their bedroom is going to make the difference in safe sex or not. My first boyfriend and I snuck around but we still used protection. My Dad would've killed me had he known and my mom was pissed when I told her I last my virginity. It still didn't push me to behave in risky sexual situations. I think it really comes down to the teen and their personality and level of responsibility. I had a friend in junior high who had her mother rent a hotel room for her to her lose her virginity. Her mom wanted it to be special...

Mara Due September 27; 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38964 posts
1st Sep
Quoting Mrs. Potato Dick:" I did the same thing for my 7 year old. My son was like "WHY DO YOU LIKE THAT?! IT'S SO GROSS!" Maybe it'll keep him away from booze for a few extra years. lol."

i let max try alcohol, he can't even drink it b/c the smell hits him first.

he says it's all "for adults."

he also thinks that only guys get drunk.