Don't go, nap time! Something Original [TM] Due March 13; 1 child; Washington 111 posts
12th Aug

My son is 22 months and is starting to cut out his own naps!

How can i encourage him to still nap? He is so cranky without one. :shock:

tooodles 240 kids; Thailand 5075 posts
12th Aug

If doesnt nap he doesnt nap. Most you can do is have quiet time and adjust his bed time to an earlier time now.

Lovin'mylil'man 1 child; Clearwater, Florida 1210 posts
12th Aug

I know how you feel my son just turned 2 in April and he has cut out his naps he will sometimes take one but for the majority he doesn't take one. I do notice when I play baseball with him, have him feed the chickens, paint and color, play kick ball and then we start settling down he does start to get a little tired but most of the time he snaps out of it and we carry on to do things that are less active. I like to try to do active things with him since he is young and sometimes they just have to get all that energy out. Maybe LO has a lot of energy built up through the day. GL.