FroggysMommy 1 child; Golden, Colorado 26131 posts
14th Aug
Quoting The Pretender:" I hate the Duggar parents. Having all those kids and basically forcing the older ones to parent the younger ones. f**k that- how unfair."

That's only the beginning of why I don't like them. Brainwashing them. f**king brainwashing them.

But the "buddy system" enrages me too. I seriously fear for any of those kids if they happen to be gay. They would probably be sent to the "pray the gay away" camps.

user banned TTC since May 2008; Pounding Mill, VA, United States 3612 posts
15th Aug
Quoting Hathor + A:" The oldest child is named....Heistheway. How do you say that?!?!"

He Is The Way?