ღ Diana ღ Michigan 15726 posts
19th Aug
Quoting Life is a Highway ♫:" I'm pro-choice but IMO it doesn't take you 20 weeks to make up your mind about wanting to keep a pregnancy."

How would you know? It's a very tough decision for some people not to mention if they don't have the funds to get one right then and there it may take them till 20 weeks before they have enough to cover the procedure. Hell I didn't even know I was pregnant with my youngest till I was going into my 5th month of pregnancy. (That's when I felt him move for the first time)

♛Queen Boo♛ 2 kids; United Kingdom 2526 posts
19th Aug
Quoting Amelia Margaret:" Women also often don't find out until 20 weeks at their anatomy scan if their baby has a condition that is not compatible with life."

Exactly this! Many women have to terminate their unborn child's life because it's the best thing for them to do!

LaLaLuvsAugust Due March 5; 1 child; Bremerton, Washington 506 posts
19th Aug
Quoting K and N:" That's really touching. What do you consider late term? What would you say to a kid who became pregnant ... [snip!] ... she be forced to carry out the remainder of the pregnancy and then give it up for adoption, if she didn't want to parent?"

Late term pregnancy, I do not agree with. If one baby in a stage of gestation can be saved if something goes wrong with the pregnancy, it should not be legal to be aborted, because its a life as a savable potential person (I hope that makes sense). Also, and more importantly, the psychological and physical risks are much greater with late term abortions. There is a reason these options are so limited.

I do not believe a rape victim should be forced to carry out a pregnancy. I did say that abortion at certain stages is not wrong. But, on the same token, why is a victim of rape waiting until later in gestation to get an abortion in the first place? If for some reason she didnt find out until later on in gestation, it is probably in her physical (due to prior violent trauma) and emotional state to carry out and just adopt it if she cannot bear to handle it (which no one should ever excpect her to handle it. thats effing horrid).

thats what makes abortion such a touchy subject. Its all about circumstance. If you are 20 weeks gestation and your baby is going to kill you, you should be able to choose if you want to die or not.

If you are 20 weeks gestation, and find out you are having a boy and dont want that, you should put some big girl panties on and take care of that anyway.