Needs prayers Brown Eye'd Lady 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Mississippi 98 posts
16th Aug

Since my last pregnancy my period been weird.. End up getting pregnant due date suppose to be feb.14 I'm suppose to be 14 weeks..... Had an U/s come to find out the baby was measuring at 6 weeks no heart beat... I'm heart broken... The doctor wants me to stay positive.. I'm trying its so hard.. The next week is blood work to watch my levels to see if I'm missed miscarriage or see if I just am only 6 weeks along.. But I have U/S coming up next Friday I'm so scared.. And so heart broken already... I have two amazing boys already but this is my baby too just wanna do my job and be its mommy but I can't do anything I'm help leased.. Well ladies has this happen to you?? I need some prayers right about now..

T+N=A&P Due June 24 (girl); 50 kids; Volo, Illinois 5328 posts
16th Aug

I did about 3weeks ago I went in to the ER suppose to be 10weeks baby only measured 6weeks 1day no h.eart beat I was spotting but m cervix was still closed then about 2weeks ago I went in the er again but this time bleeding and cramping body wasn't passing baby did a manual DNC and I just got done bleeding today.... found out my body didn't know how to pass the baby the OB did the same thing well maybe your only 6weeks but I knew when my last period was and I was suppose to be due march 1st

Akira423 Due February 13 (boy); 66 kids; Tennessee 200 posts
16th Aug

I know how devastating this is for you. I went through a similar situation last year. I am terrified of a repeat episode. It's hard for me to get attached to a pregnancy now. You are in my thoughts and prayers.