left side pain under rib cage? *Mrs. Mom* Due April 25 (boy); 3 kids; Ohio 1956 posts
16th Aug '13

Has anyone experienced this? Im worried. It comes and goes but usually happens when I lay on my back for awhile and then get up for a little bit. Its mild to moderate. It hurts to cough, walk and yell. I noticed the passed week I've had lots of stomach gas when I lay down and it makes me hungry. Sometimes it feels like I have air trapped under my ribs. Sometimes its a burning/ dull achy pain. Sometimes it makes me feel feverish but my highest temp has been 99.1 so nothing to big. What could this be? :( I have severe acid reflux but rarely get heart burn. I'll be 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. Its only on my left side.