maybe a miscarriage? Gcaronite Japan 1 posts
17th Aug

was 5w6d pregnant and I have been bleeding the past 5 day. 4 days brown 1 day red. I went yesterday for an ultrasound and everything looked normal we ever seen a heart beat of 95. They said it was normal for how early I was. My levels were checked Wednesday they were 2000 and again on Friday and it was 2900 I know it didnt double. Well yesterday I bleed on the tp and this was in the center of watery blood. I wanted a closer look so I cleaned it off and put it on a wipe. Is this thw sac did I miscarry? I called the doc on call and he said just follow up with my ob on monday since I wasnt that far along. I am also A negative. And and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

Photo Assassin 67 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 1666 posts
17th Aug

If you didn't miscarry, be prepared to take a rhogam shot.

I had to that early for a similar issue. Though, each time, has ended with a successful pregnancy.

batmamae Due July 21; Fort Rucker, Al, United States 7559 posts
17th Aug

With my first miscarriage, I had bleeding just like that for a week and ultrasounds came back fine. Baby looked healthy and even got to watch him have hiccups on the u/s. (I was 16 weeks) Three days later I miscarried, despite them telling me everything was fine.
Hopefully everything turns alright with you. Fingers crossed. Good luck hun.

Amelia [26 wks Boy!] Due July 20; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 14364 posts
17th Aug

Is there supposed to be a pic? I passed the sac at 5 1/2 weeks.