If you got married on a beach... BRowell 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Bristol, TN, United States 3681 posts
17th Aug

DH and I want to renew our vows for our ten year anniversary. It's stil 4 years away but I'm just thinking about it. We never had a nice big wedding. I was 8 months pregnant when we got married. We were thinking about having a nice vow renewal on the beach. So, how do you go about it? Who do you contact about whichever beach you wanna do it on? How do you make sure the beach is not crowed and stuff and anything else you wanna share. Lol I'm completely clueless on where to start. TIA!!

laurenmik 3 kids; Aurora, Colorado 7212 posts
17th Aug

We got married on a beach in st Thomas and if I remember correctly, the man that married us set everything up.. I'm not much help.

One thing though, we got married at 9 an so the beach wouldn't be packed.

Brittr2010 Due October 23; 1 child; Iowa Park, Texas 409 posts
17th Aug

my brother got married on the beach in Destin last October. all I know is that they had a wedding planner that planned it, and October the beach wasn't vey crowded and most people were very respectful about staying out of the way when it was going on. they also did it on the condos portion of the beach, so it wasn't technically a public beach, u had to be staying in one of the condos to be on it. my now sister in laws brother even got some very good pics of the reception from one of the other condo guest balcony, very pretty ariel(sp) shot of it lol.

DisneyMommy 34 kids; Florida 6301 posts
17th Aug

I got married on a beach in Key West. We chose a small uncrowded area. We did not have to contact anyone for permission, we just showed up with our family and a few friends and our notary who was performing the service.

I wouldn't want to do it on a beach where there are huge crowds of families and beachgoers, so maybe you could get a hotel room that has a private beachfront.

BRowell 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Bristol, TN, United States 3681 posts
17th Aug

Thanks ladies! There's a place we just booked for next year for the whole family and its a vacation home that's beach front. It supposed to have a private beach. If we like that place maybe we will book it again and have it there. I just didn't know if there are rules about getting married on the beach or anything. I love planning stuff so I'd probably rather plan it myself and make the decorations and stuff. If we did it that way it sounds like it wouldn't be much of a big deal.

MzDENISE 1 child; California 15182 posts
17th Aug

I saw a wedding at a beach twice.
One was when we were having a family day at a local beach nearby. We were just sitting there on the sand and out of no where people started coming down to where we were. It was an ugly overcast day and there were sand flies EVERYWHERE.
I thought it was a horrible place and time. Also, the fact that people just stood huddled around the couple seemed awkward.

The 2nd time, we were on our resort in Cancun. The ceremony area was set up beautifully with decorations, chairs and an arch. They also had tribal dancers who blew on their sea shells to announce that the bride was soon to arrive. It was an amazing sight. So much so that I now want to get married in the same way/place.