how long did you bleed PP Mommyto5 boys 5 kids; Arizona 256 posts
17th Aug

I'm 3 days PP and I'm hardly bleeding at all, it's just pink mucous....i only have to wear a panty liner now....the first two days i bled alot, and cramped severely, the cramps today are hardly noticeable...i an exclusively nursing (when i mostly notice the cramps), and also eating a cube of placenta daily (yes i know gross, but it has so many benefits).....with my other kids i remember bleeding alot more, i never consumed the placenta, and only nursed one of them....any other mamas bled this light or similar?

~*CountryMom*~ 4 kids; Hopkinsville, KY, United States 1404 posts
17th Aug

My last baby I bled barely 2 days and it was done, of course after I stopped breast feeding my period came back. My other two kids I bled the full 6 weeks with breast feeding.

BlackVelvet 1 child; 1 angel baby; Aurora, Illinois 3926 posts
17th Aug

Like a week. I had a real easy delivery and recovery. I had very light bleeding

The doc put me on pictocin after I delivered to keep my uterus contracting and every hour or so they would push down on my stomach to get the yucky stuff out

The Great Deku Tree 1 child; Kokiri Forest, IN, United States 4113 posts
status 17th Aug

I hardly bled for the first couple of days, but it got heavier and it ended up lasting about 2.5 weeks

Clairebear & Abbey G :) 1 child; Ireland 2149 posts
18th Aug

I bled for 7-8 weeks pp grrr!!! The last 2 weeks were light spotting. I didnt breast feed so maybe that's why it took that long. I had a c section too, I was told they kind of clean out your uterus after baby is out but maybe they didnt do mine lol. My friend only bled for about 10 days after her c section. I only had a weeks break then I got my first period, I wanted to cry.