need to vent! ANS && BAM xD 1 child; Lincoln, Nebraska 117 posts
17th Aug

don't you hate it that you think you have friends but they totally bail on you because you have a child? ugh hate that!

I've been 'best' friends with this girl for 6 years now. She's been acting really shady lately. lets back it up to when I first met my baby's father. I met him over the internet, we were talking A LOT! We started dating September of 2011. I found out this year that she was talking shit to her sister saying "he's a rebound' calling him names. She had her doubts but never told me anything till after the fact. I ended up moving up to New York January 2012 to be with this man, 2 months later got pregnant with my daughter. He was mentally & verbal abusive, he only put his hands on me twice. She always said that she was going to come get me because of the stuff he was putting me through...she never did. He ended up going to jail in August of 2012, I found out that she told her whole family that I barely know what was going on between him and I. She was giving me advice about our relationship but she couldn't take it herself. I never met her now ex boyfriend of 5 years. He has nerve to talk shit about my BD being abusive but he was twice as worse to her.

For the last week she has been really shady. We hanged out for like a month straight, one night I didn't answer my phone because it was charging in a different room, she starts completely ignoring me. She says she hates going downtown but has been going for the last few weeks to the bars. She has even told me she regretted me having my child. All she complains is about her ex, she stalks him..OBESSED! I told her that she was too wrapped up his ass, but yet I'm too wrapped up in my babys dad's ass? uh no, We haven't wrote to each other in 5 months, I barely talk to her about him what so ever. I just don't understand.

Should I just give it time or should I just be friendless?

Manda❤Alayna 1 child; 1 angel baby; Texas 4160 posts
17th Aug

Sounds like high school drama. I'd rather be friendless.

ANS && BAM xD 1 child; Lincoln, Nebraska 117 posts
17th Aug

See that's what I kind of thought and I've been distancing myself but I wasn't trying to sound dramatic..that