Recurring Ppd Shelby Chappell Due November 29; 1 child; Alberta 1575 posts
18th Aug

So I have just been in a little funk this week, just cant keep staying happy and just worry and stress a lot. I am pretty sure its just one of those weeks. But it has me thinking, are the chances of getting PPD higher if you had it already with one of your children? I had PPD with my DS and this funk got me thinking am I going to get it again with DD? I hope not and this time around I wont wait as long to admit it if I do but there is a chance that I won't get it right?

Allons-y Due January 29; 2 kids; Utah 2318 posts
18th Aug

I had depression before ever having children that I fought off and on then PPD with both my children. With my second it was much easier to identify and to get through for me. It will be different with every woman and every pregnancy but I found that it helped me to just remember that it was a good possibility and that if I started having problems there was absolutely nothing wrong with needing help. Good luck momma, its never easy and I hope you can get out of your funk and don't have to deal with it this time.

MotherFalcon+2 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lake Arrowhead, CA, United States 2552 posts
18th Aug

eat or encapsulate your placenta. it will keep PPD away, not to mention help with bonding, pain, bleeding, energy, etc.