Cat Abbott 2 kids; British Columbia 1389 posts
20th Aug
Quoting Yurvette [♥]:" They broke my water at 5 cm.... Why did she say that? Sometimes breaking your water makes for stronger contractions and speeds up labor just like pit does. "

Yes, but sometimes it doesn't, and then you're on the countdown to caesarian. There's also the risk of cord prolapse if baby's not fully engaged, risk of infection, and sometimes it makes the labor and birth harder than it may have been if allowed to happen spontaneously. It's an unnecessary intervention that is done routinely without an adequate examination of risks to benefits. That's why she said that.
Edit: I meant to say I hope everything went well for you today, OP, and that you're cuddling your beautiful little one right now or will be soon.

Thorian's Mommy 1 child; Westbrook, ME, United States 8379 posts
20th Aug

Don't take that stuff. It's not recommended anymore. I didn't know the dangers of it and it put my son and me into distress. It's a pill for ulcers that they also use for abortions early in pregnancy.

Two Princesses 2 kids; San Pedro, CA, United States 7196 posts
20th Aug

If you're already even a finger tip dialated, ask for the foley bulb insted and then go straight to pitocen. Cytotec is quite dangerous as the others have said.
I have known women who've had it used on them and they delivered with no complications, but it leads to c-sections in a number of cases and can be life threatening.
Good luck.

StraightFromTheTap 2 kids; Houghton Lake, MI, United States 935 posts
22nd Aug

I ended up going through with the cytotec.
only needed 2 doses. first dose softened my cervix from 50 to 100%.
second dose made my water break.

After my water broke my contractions were insane. dilated from 4-9 in one hour.

in my chart it says 2 hours of active labor.

yes i would use it again.