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Which name? Hazel_Karl_+2 Due January 3; 1 child; Wasilla, Alaska 7 posts
20th Aug

Which name do you like better? Last name starts with B...

Jax 3 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 2888 posts
20th Aug

The 3rd option

tinana+2 TTC since Nov 2013; 2 kids; Armpit, of, Ireland 29526 posts
20th Aug

Keep looking.

lunch lady 2 kids; Tennessee 2123 posts
20th Aug

Um neither, unless this is for a pet. Lol

Severus Snape Due March 15 (boy); 1 child; Tennessee 3511 posts
20th Aug

Both are horrible IMO.

мɑkɑnɑni ~*~, FL, United States 63161 posts
status 20th Aug
Quoting J&T+3:" The 3rd option "


Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
21st Aug

None of the above?