Labor and C-Sections? =/ user banned
Aug 21st '13

I've posted a similar thread before but I'm still really starting to get nervous.

I have to have a repeat C-Section. I am not a candidate for a VBAC in the slightest.

That being said, should I be doing the normal things women do to prepare for labor? The first things that come to mind are walking and stretching etc... should I even do things to encourage labor at all? When the time gets close, I mean.

I know that nothing actually starts labor, but should I stay away from common "labor tricks" completely? The first thing that comes to mind is sex.. should I stop having sex when I get to a certain week to discourage labor?

I'm so confused. I never prepared for even the possibility of a C-Section with DD. I was knocked out for it because they couldn't get the epi in time so I have no idea what I'm getting into or what I'm supposed to be doing at this point in pregnancy.

Guybrush Threepwood 4 kids; Monkey Island, .., United States 6211 posts
Aug 21st '13

I had a scheduled c-section with my twins. My OB never told me to stop doing anything or refrain from sex. I just kept on doing what I normally did.

eKnuckles Due February 13; Florida 3475 posts
Aug 21st '13

Stretching it good for you anyway and helps with aches and pains. You don't have to stop having sex unless you have premature labor.

____ 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Texas 5840 posts
Aug 21st '13

I had a repeat CS. I didn't have to stretch or refrain from anything. Walking is good for you anyway, but I wouldn't see why you would have to.

bia. 3 kids; ., ., Portugal 88678 posts
status Aug 22nd '13

I had a repeat with my second, and I didn't stop having sex,I had sex right up until I had her, witch was 39 weeks, unless your doctor tells you other wise, pretty sure you're ok. :)