lilsoph 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Kokomo, Indiana 4173 posts
22nd Aug

It doesnt really seem that abnormal to me, I would be more concerned if he didnt ask why and how come at his age i think lol
He may be a little quirky but I wouldnt worry too much, he is 4!
My son is almost 6 and on the spectrum (though very high functioning) and other than the little routines for everything and repeating himself constantly (often movie quotes or something he read somewhere) he doesnt show any of those signs

SharlaD 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 4 posts
22nd Aug

Yes you might be right about that, Anthony's Mommy! I'm glad these seem to be normal things he is doing. I feel like I came to the right place for advice, and now have some peace of mind, based on what most of you said. :)