Severus Snape 2 kids; Tennessee 3550 posts
23rd Aug '13
Quoting .Colleen.:" :lol:"


The Inconspicuous Raccoon 2 kids; Cincinnati, Ohio 1723 posts
23rd Aug '13

Yes, a TPO (temporary protection order) sounds pretty appropriate here.

The b***h is threatening you, saying it is going to be a "blood bath" and shouldn't be anywhere near your baby.

GetItGirl Due September 28; 2 kids; Virginia 2608 posts
23rd Aug '13

so wait, in your profile it doesnt say anything about the baby you had on 02/15/2012?

Jeeper 1 child; Orlando, Florida 2287 posts
23rd Aug '13

I went through something similar with my daughter's dad's wh**e. She threatened to kill me and threatened to kidnap my daughter. Get a restraining order ASAP. Protect yourself and your child she breaks the restraining order she goes to jail. Unfortunately until she hurts you or your daughter there isn't much more you can do.

Good Queen Bess 2 kids; Ontario 47966 posts
23rd Aug '13

In a previous post, you claim it was your ex that egged your car, smashed your windshield and that he admitted it on Facebook. In the other posts all of this stuff HE is doing, now all of a sudden SHE is doing it?

Something doesn't add up.

Life is G♡♡d 21 kids; 16461 posts
28th Aug '13
Quoting .Colleen.:" your douchebaggery is evident in your past threads "

Yea, a lot of shit isn't adding up...for example when she states she gave birth on her profile, and in her thread it's months later then what she has on her page....that's just ONE example.